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game of war fire age mobile review

Game of War: Fire Age II is another 2013 freemium mobile strategy video of MMO game that was developed as well as published by the Machine Zone, who is a privately game company held and based in the city of Palo Alto, California. How do you play the game? When you have a review, you will definitely be able to play the game. Here is a Game of War – Fire Age game review:

Game Review

The game of Game of War – Fire Age often includes player vs. the player battles, player vs. the environment modes ( who are monster killing as well as dungeons), and a city building quest via mechanics likened to the Age of Empires that were earliest games from a Warcraft series. When you do gather or farming of resources that is required when creating buildings, producing troops, and researching advancements, you will definitely learn on how to play the game. Similar to many other mobile games, the gameplay often consists of selection of an action and either waiting for a preset amount of timeout for completion or even expediting the task through making a payment.


The game is simple to play since you will always master the steps that you would know especially when looking forward to move to higher levels when playing. When you do start from the lower levels, you will get an idea on how to move faster whenever you need to enjoy yourself.

The title places any emphasis on every player joining this alliance. The alliances are limited to only 100 players, who are situated within the kingdoms that measures 512 tiles by 1024 tiles. All alliances provide another team structure of conflicts within every kingdom. In addition, whenever a kingdom is active for a couple of months, the kingdom will always emerges from another protected status to allow players to begin engaging in the kingdom vs. that kingdom combat events scheduled by the game developer and often take places on weekly basis.

Players are also encouraged to do an engagement with one another via alliance chat as well as kingdom chat. The chat system of the game uses a modern Microsoft-based translator with other several others, which includes Google Translate. These translations allow always players from all the world to understand the game at the same time play it together.

In conclusion, the above is a Game of War – Fire Age game review that you should know whenever you are looking forward to play it well.

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